Register and join an existing Profile
This page is for users who have received an e-mail stating that their Profile has been created on their behalf, and that they need to log in to manage their Profile and products.
This happens if you:
  • previously sold products on the Longwood Loop shop website (
  • asked a member of the Longwood Loop team for assistance setting up your Profile and products
Did you get an e-mail that invited you to create a Profile, but didn't state that a Profile has been created on your behalf? Go here instead.
You will receive 3 e-mails.
  • One from a member of the Longwood Loop team indicating a Profile has been created on your behalf
  • Two from Open Food Network with the following Subject lines
    • Please confirm your OFN account
    • <name> has invited you to be a manager
Open the e-mail titled 'Please confirm your OFN account' and click the blue link 'Confirm this e-mail address'.
This will open a page in Open Food Network to change your password - because you do not have a password, this is effectively a 'create password' screen.
Create password screen
Once you have created a password, you will be redirected to the main Open Food Network NZ page with a banner at the top confirming your password has been created successfully.
Now your account is created, and you are signed in. You can edit your Profile and add or manage products.
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